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Pago de Cirsus

The vineyard, winery, Hotel-Chateau and Restaurant of Pago de Cirsus are located in La Finca Bolandín in the county of Ablitas, the southernmost part of the Navarra region, Spain, at an altitude of 395 meters above sea level.

A single vineyard comprises the Estate. Certain attributes make it different from any other vineyard, both by its own features of “Terroir” or medium on which it sits as well as by the careful cultivation techniques that are implemented in order to obtain grapes and wines of the highest quality. From harvest to fermentation, the entire process is done within the territory of the Estate, making it a “Vino de Pago”.

With 220 total hectares (544 acres), the farm consists of 136.7 hectares of vineyards, planted in the year 2000.

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