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Sieur d’Arques

The first sparkling wine!

Aimery Sieur d’Arques is situated 25 km from Carcassonne. One of the leading wine organizations in the Languedoc region, Aimery Sieur d’Arques combines the latest wine producing technology with a healthy respect for tradition. Considered a pioneer in Languedoc Roussillon in terms of quality of production and wine-growing techniques, La Cave des Vignerons du Sieur d’Arques was one of the first wineries in the eighties to develop plot-based selection in its 2800 hectares of AOC vineyard. The terroir which benefits from the Mediterranean sun, tempered by the proximity to the Pyrénées and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, combines the ideal conditions for producing great wines.

The History of the Languedoc vineyard dates back to the 5 th century BC when the Greeks first introduced grape vines and their cultural practices. It was in 1531, one century before Dom Pérignon, that wines from Limoux stepped onto the world stage thanks to Benedictine nuns from the St Hilaire Abbey, a neighbouring village, who created the first sparkling wine in the world: La Blanquette de Limoux. The earliest written references to Blanquette de Limoux can be traced back to the lord of the region, “le Sieur d’Arques” who swigged down “flasks of Blanquette” to celebrate his victories.

Four centuries later, in 1946, the founding winemakers of our winery christened their wine, Sieur d’Arques.


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