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Tuscan character

Immersed in the Mediterranean scrubland, between tall trees and broom shrubs, Sassoregale lies in the heart of the Maremma region. Purchased in 2002 by Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, the estate’s 38 hectares (30 of which vineyards) are situated in the centre of a plain surrounded by hills, at altitudes between 100 and 180 metres above sea level, with higher ground stretching towards Montalcino behind it. The vineyards overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea, just a few kilometres away as the crow flies. The first impression of Sassoregale is the light, the clearness of the sky, and the strength of the sun, mitigated by the constant breezes. This, together with the great biodiversity that characterizes the wide valley of the Ombrone river and growing techniques that respect the vines and the environment, make the estate a little universe where the hand of man manages to preserve the deep characteristics of the terroir.

The rich soils are deep and medium-textured. They are mainly clay based, but a small area, planted to syrah, is sandier with gravel. In addition to syrah, the vineyards are also home to sangiovese, merlot and vermentino. The vines are spurred-cordon trained vines and planted with a high density of over 5,000 per hectare. Meticulous farming methods – Sassoregale is currently being converted to organic cultivation – ensure the harvesting of fruit at perfect technological, phenolic and aromatic ripeness, providing an ideal raw material for the production of wines that are both rich and elegant.

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