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Kankana del Elqui

A work of art of San Pedro born out of the discovery and learning of Elqui Valley. A sacred altar for the Syrah variety.

In the midst of the clearest  skies in the world, bathed by infinite stars, there is a place where a  special cosmic intensity can be felt, capable of attracting irradiating positive energies to the people and the nature that exist in the zone.

That which is responsible for this magnetic phenomenon is Kankana hill, which in the Diaguita tongue means “brazier”, due to the reddish color of its summit when lit by the late evening sun. According to the zone’s inhabitants, Kankana hill is like a great antenna over 4 thousand meters high that syntonizes the valley to the purest skies of the planet and that thanks to its basic component, magnetic iron oxide or magnetite, has become the mystic Altar of Elqui Valley.

In block number 10 in Elqui Valley, San Pedro found a place where syrah grapes ripen under the mineral gleam of the Kankana, cold marine breezes and the magical evenings of Elqui. In honor to this mountainous watchtower in Elqui Valley and to the pioneer spirit of Vina San Pedro, it is that we present Kankana del Elqui, an unreapeatable wine, with a fine spiced expression and soft mineral notes.


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