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Georges Vigouroux

The house Georges Vigouroux was founded in 1887 in the Lot region in order to distribute wines from the Southwest of France and get them known. Four generations later, it is a pioneer regarding Cahors wines which specialized in French Malbec.

The Romans planted vines in Cahors in 50 before Christ turning the wine making region into one of the oldest in Europe. The vines were dug out in 92 upon Emperor Domitian’s orders who was afraid that Italian wines would suffer from the competition. Roman Emperor Probus allowed the plantation again in 276.

Cahors wines were served during the wedding of Alienor of Aquitaine and The King of England, Henri II in 1152. Since then, they became very popular. The English liked them better than Bordeaux’s and they called it « black wine».  At its finest, Cahors vineyard covered a surface area of 58000 hectares. Unfortunately, in 1876, phylloxera devastated almost all of the vineyard which disappeared for nearly a century. Thanks to the persistence of a few wine makers as well as the emergence of American hybrid vines which stood phylloxera, the vineyards started to come out again. On the 15th of April 1971, Cahors AOC is created. Back then, Cahors vineyard only represented 440 hectares.

Today, the denomination Cahors represents a total surface area of 40 000 hectares. This territory is equidistant of the Atlantic Ocean, Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The main climatic influence comes from the Atlantic while the Mediterranean brings a southerly wind in spring and autumn. Particularly beneficial in September and October, this dry and warm wind contributes in producing healthy grapes and completes their ripening. But the most original characteristic of the climate is related to the specific relief of the vineyard.


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