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Château Tanunda

'Icon of the Barossa Valley'

Château Tanunda, ‘Icon of the Barossa Valley,’ is Australia’s largest Chateau (est. 1890). The Château Tanunda Estate, with its grand blue stone building and beautifully kept surrounding gardens is a truly awe-inspiring place to visit and is as magnificent as some of the best wine estates and Châteaux around the world.

The Barossa Valley is widely acknowledged as the home ofsome of Australia’s finest wines. The Château Tanunda Estate is the birthplace of the Barossan wine industry, where the first plantings (1845) and the first winery (1848) were established.

The Geber family are proud custodians of this great icon and it’s heritage. We invite you to behold the magnificent Château, Basket Press Winery, vineyards, gardens, functions rooms and surrounding hills. Our wines are complex, delicious and rich. We hope you enjoy the true character of Château Tanunda.


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