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In 1997, true to his pioneering spirit, Michel Chapoutier set out to explore the terroirs of the oldest continent. He wanted to meet people, people like him with a passionate interest in bringing out the true character of vines. A matter of convictions, too, prompting discovery and observation. He found land awaiting its revelation. Michel Chapoutier’s aim is to invent properties, not to follow the example of others. Michel Chapoutier buys land and joins forces with major winemaking families, playing on their complementary know-how and experience. The result is exceptional Shiraz wines, displaying great elegance and mineral purity.

In 2002 he joined forces with Ron and Elva Laughton from Jasper Hill, the iconic estate based in Heathcote, on a very unusual, early Cambrian soil.

Since 2007 he his also working with Rick Kinzbrunner from Giaconda, another iconic estate based in Beechworth, in northeast Victoria, on a granite soil.

Following a successful joint venture with his US importer (Terlato & Chapoutier), Michel Chapoutier bought two other Australian vineyards (Shays Flat Estate and Landsborough Valley Estate) in the Victorian Pyrenees and set up the fully owned Domaine Tournon.


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