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Aveleda is a family-owned company that combines tradition and innovation since its foundation in 1870.

Aveleda’s centuries-old traditions and commitment to innovation have resulted in high-quality white wines that have received numerous international awards.

The work developed by the Aveleda viticulture and enology team, supported by the Wine Consultant Denis Dubourdieu, renowned professor of the University of Bordeaux and considered one of the leading experts in the production of white wines, have made Aveleda the largest producer and exporter of white wines in Portugal.

These factors, combined with increased demand for white wines, challenged the Aveleda team to unify different labels under the AVELEDA umbrella.

Always committed to improving the quality of its wines, Aveleda has made a significant investment in its vineyards. An example of that is the plantation of 30 hectares of Alvarinho. This is an important strategic option since Alvarinho is one of the most prominent national varieties of white wine.


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