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35 South

Latitude 35 south crosses the Central Valley, an excellence in wine making that combines the perfect conditions for growing vines, which honors its name this unique line of Reserve wines of Viña San Pedro.

From the heart of Chilean viticulture, from latitude 35°South, emerged an audacious and modern wine, which aimed to represent the New World’s vanguard. This brand of attractive colours and characteristic symbols exists since the year 2000.  It took its name from the geographical coordinates where San Pedro’s main vineyards are located, at the San Pedro Molina Estate, deep in the Curicó Valley. 35°South  is an innovative, modern and sophisticated wine which aim is to accompany consumers along the path they travel across through their  achievements, and while facing their next challenges. Almost half million
cases of this brand are exported, being UK its main market –one of the most sophisticated worldwide–, where it ranks among the top 25 brands in sales.

Beyond this, 35°South also reaches more than 50 other markets around the world. Additionally, in some markets where eco-awareness is well developed, 35°South also offers an innovative Organic line, made of organically grown grapes, this is, without adding any chemical products at all, but seizing Chile’s gifted conditions that favour this kind of agriculture, caring for the environment, while offeringn more natural and eco-friendly products, always of highquality as well.

A meticulous selection of the finest grapes, the use of small tanks, aging in carefully selected French and American oak barrels, and exhaustive enological work guarantee the quality of every 35 South wine.


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